Blooded of Midian

Fourth Session Truths


Aestrith Thali

Alexai Tal

Eddard Athren

Wolf Ettiquette

Assist in castle defence when present.

A midnight hunt can be held during the gathering.

The higher stand/station walks in front (OOC wording)

Feyla Thayl

Moryandal Adrente

Has 3 strong walls;
Is a focal point of the province and;
Has a very well stocked Larder

No Eshu

House of the Blooded: 21 April 2013

1st: sweeping in at dawn taking the orcs unprepared, AND that they had not coated their
claws with poison

2nd Shara sweeps in with sword dealing a vanguard blow

3rd ground quickly stained with the blood of orks

4th they were in a very bad position tactically,

5th moriandal vs chief,

6th Bear knight took on the remainder

7th they were routed in dissaray

8th the remainder fled, and were taking by ambush

The castle has a series of three walls, focal point of the province, and has a well-stocked

(Wagered x 2) that Eddard slighted Conan’s wife, and she has never forgiven him

(wagered) as far as the world’s concerned, Eddard was in the right (wagered) not that she
cares (wagered) and has managed to poison his name amongst much of his own house
(wagered) because he didn’t take advantage of the situation.

(wagered) svetlanas lands rely on import, because she doesn’t produce any of her own;
(wagered) her lands contain numerous underground tunnels; (wagered) that seem to
contain orks (W); due to their subterranean nature, they are highly sensitive to sunlight

(w) the orks raiding No’s land are doing so to try and steal its food to supply Svetlana food

(w – secret) the ork poison: adds four dice when wounds are tagged

(wagered) the wife gets the riddle wrong, (w) but she provides a quite interesting

(wagered) Conan thinks the riddle settles the contest

(wagered) they aren’t sitting next to each other (wager) but they are seated across
from each other (wager) there is a large centrepiece in the way (wager) and yet, their
conversations are deliberately loud enough to be heard by the other (wager) though they
never say anything insulting, they skirt very close

(wagered) No has a negative aspect, breached hospitality for 5 seasons

(wagered) the Ork on Conan’s castle grounds is native to subterranean (wagered)
recognised by smouldering eyes (wager) this particular specimen is a brood mother
(wager) its bones are stronger than steel

Wolf Etiquette

(Wagered) most important rule: “visiting ven, must contribute to the defence of the castle”

(wagered) the celebration of a wolf event can include a midnight hunt

(Wagered) order of precedence shall be determined by standing

(wagered) those who contribute to a battle, whether wolf or not, are honoured at wolf

(wagered) slights of etiquette shall be resolved by duel

(wagered) the favoured organs brought in by the midnight hunt are consumed raw by the

(wagered) if challenged to a duel, one may call on an honoured guest of the gathering to
represent them

(wagered) there is no such thing as an insincere insult

(wagered) gifts may be exchanged in private, to retain tactical advantage

(wagered) during the day, a wolf host will make a master of arms available to train when

(wagered) no ven may be challenged directly, unless they claim to be at full strength

(wagered) a strike too soon hits the guard, a strike too late misses the target

(wagered) those who feast together howl together

(wagered) conceding to an Alpha is not dishonourable

Elk Etiquette

(wagered) A riddling contest is considered an Elk duel

Tazo Reinhold

Observatories can be used for Astronomy, which is “Not Sorcery”.

Yoran Ru’s lands and ports sit to the South-West of mine.

I am seriously jealous of Moryandal Adrente’s Martial Prowess

Svetlana Polaris is Not Mad, Just Evil

Van Eshu

Yolanda Reinhold

Yoran Ru

Malkin Kalis scammed Yoren in order to become Dean of Umbria University

People have been known to die from the test of the Falcon

Third Session Truths
Falcon Hosts

Aestrith Thali

Umbria University is a four-story tower with an adjoining hall. at the top of the tower is an observatory which is open to all. Malkin Kalis is Dean of Umbria University.

Alexai Tal

Feyla Thayl

Moryandal Adrente

Popular topic of conversation
Just back from the wars

Orks recieved Arms stolen from the Wars I was in.

No Eshu means nothing to me.

Shara Eshu wants Ven on the Battlements, I say Orks need to be attacked and Harried and I will cut off supply at the bridge.

Tazo Reinhold is inanely jealous of my combat skills.

Due to our mutual honesty, Yoland and I become fast friends

People are afraid of Aestrith Thali and myself, and I conceded the duel because she was the Host.

No Eshu

Yolanda is a public foil against rumours of sorcery in House Falcon (style)

Svetlana tried to lace the food, but it was discovered, and Falcon’s roadsmen followed her back to the base and found the secret entrance (wagered)

(secret) a year ago Yoran survived an attempted poisoning by arsenic (style)

(secret) Tazo finds Yoren incredibly sexually attractive (style)

(secret) Tazo is seriously contemplating becoming No’s vassal (style); it is because No saved his life at some time in their common past (style)

(secret) Lian (huh? Who’s this?) was Shara’s rival in University (Style); she was the heart-break that she had to get over

There is an arena on top of Aestreth’s Castle (style)

Svetlana is in the castle, and she is not caught, but is discovered at dawn by Sven

(secret) Yoran is bitterly jealous that he is not the Dean of the University (style);
The current Dean (Malkin Kalis, Aestrith’s Court Scolar) scammed Yoren out of the position of the Dean (style); Malkin did that because he did not trust a Serpent to serve a Falcon loyalty (style)

Yolanda is definitely not a “sorcerer” (style)

Observatory can be used for astronomy, which is “not sorcery” (style)

The Aria that No composed depicts the battle on the mountain from last session, both Aestreth and Shara are depicted as heroes, and winning in the face of great adversity (wagered)

Moryandal was a popular topic of conversation, because he has just come back from the
wars (style)

The Orks are marching on the No capital, and they are really well armed with weapons
provided from the war (Style)

War plan:

That the plan will successfully hold off the attack if we amass a defence at my castle
IT is insufficent to hold their defence, we will need to harry them (wagered)
As many Ven as possible will need to be upon the battlements to succeed (wagered)
If a small force harries them, we will successfully cut off their supply lines (wagered)
If we catch them in the lee of the hillside, we will be able to contain them (wagered)
If the plan fails, we can starve them out when they are contianed (wagered)

Singer is Trixauna

Universal Etiquette

It is the height of rudeness to refuse to sit at the table, because then you are no longer a
guest (Style)

If a vassal is in breach of etiquette, it is upon their master’s head; unless the vassal is a
ven themselves (styles)

Performing parts of an opera normally counts as theatre

Falcon Etiquette

It is a sign of mistrust of a Falcon host if one does not to eat their food (style).

The retinue of all ven are considered guests at the feast. (style)

That performing parts of an opera doesn’t count as theatre in Falcon residences, because
Falcons are so often seeking lost works (style)

Falcon etiquette does not require a gift, but it is held in esteem if one does (style)

“Needs before business, business before pleasure” (style)
At the end of the night, it is time of the Challenge of the Falcon; not considered sorcery;
each participant is faced with their greatest fear, and lasts until dawn. (style)

In The Challenge of the Falcon, you face both a fear of the body and the mind, and people have been known to die (style);
the host goes first, (Style), and if one fails all the ven participating shall know (style)

The ritual requires the supplicant to drink from a chalice with a drop of their own blood. (style)
The ritual is purely voluntary (style)

It is against Falcon etiquette to turn down a challenge, because that would be
uncourageous; unless one is injured (style)

(secret) the Dean’s magic is tinged with new sorcery (waged)

No Eshu passed out while facing the horror, but did not leave the room, thus passing the test

(secret) Yolanda’s encounter with sourcery made her blood feel cold and she secretly enjoyed it

Shara discovered me in the morning, with my wounds having been mysteriously healed
(style); which is not a normal part of the ritual (style)

University of Umbria

Svetlana has been successfully routed from the mountains, but has managed to relocate
herself into my swamp. (Style)

Three things about the tower: four stories, adjoining hall, and a magnificent observatory
on top (style), which is ostensibly for stargazing, but used for watching the people from time to time

Tazo Reinhold

Observatories can be used for Astronomy, which is “Not Sorcery”.

Yoran Ru’s lands and ports sit to the South-West of mine.

I am seriously jealous of Moryandal Adrente’s Martial Prowess

Svetlana Polaris is Not Mad, Just Evil

Van Eshu

Yolanda Reinhold

Yoran Ru

Malkin Kalis scammed Yoren in order to become Dean of Umbria University

People have been known to die from the test of the Falcon

Second Session Truths

Aestrith Thali

At age 13 a Falcon is expected to prove their Courage in order to prove their worthiness for marriage.

Alexai Tal

Feyla Thayl

It’s not a good Bear party unless someone spills something.

No Eshu

Tarzo’s Domain is the centre-point of trade amongst us, however the main trade route goes through No

Fayla’s castle holds the biggest store of historical amongst us,

Hosting is at Tarzo’s

Tarzo’s castle is on a mountain pass that the main trade route runs through, it is the point where multiple small routes converge to then run through into No.

The Falcon’s are resistant to the corrupting influence of the relic. However Fox are entirely susceptible to its effects.

Cut down in the first act, my wife defended my virtue and then carried me to safety.

Bear Sayings “Not a good party unless something is spilled”

Bear Etiquette

Not to change locations once it has been agreed upon

One must show up with a display of force.

You must welcome your guests warmly.

Interrupting is not rude it is the strength of the argument that wins the strength of the table.

It is poor etiquette to lose one’s anger, even in the height of bluster.

It is an insult of the highest order to deceive at a bear event.

The one who spills it must clean it up.

Bears can receive guests in bed!

Not representing yourself at a bear meeting is an insult.

Bear saying “All Ven are equal”

Bear proverb “Winners drink first, losers drink most”

Svetlana Polaris was waylaid at the mountain pass, having aggroed orks from No’s swamps.

Svetlana has bent the orks to her will, which is illegal as is having orks on ones’ land, which is remedied with the orks destruction.

All are expected to participate in the affairs,
One must fight their own battles,
Ladies need not fight, unless they are Ven,

Falcon Etiquette

13 is the age when you must prove yourself as a falcon; and you cannot marry until you prove yourself.


No’s Secrets

I knew this was coming,
I have orchestrated it,
I am working with the Ork, which is a deception, but some of my people have gone native

Shara was a classmate of Aestrith Thali at University

Shara and Aestrith were lovers
Aestrith broke Shara’s heart
(NOT A TRUTH YET which all was orchestrated by No to cause Shara to come back to him)

Tazo Reinhold

My sprawling mansion has an arena

Ironwood’s Durability comes not from its Strength, but from it’s ability to knit back together.

Tazo Reinhold has Ork corpses and weapons to study.

Sven Ultfeild (one of my Personal Guard) won the Archery and now has an Ironwood Bow

Bear Etiquette

Arrangements for the location of a meeting cannot be changed once they are agreed upon.

One must show up with a show of force.

Interrupting is not rude, it is the strengths of one’s argument that determines its place at the table.

It is an insult of the highest order to deceive at a Bear event.

The One Who Spills It Must Clean It Up

One must represent oneself in a challenge.

Bear Insult

“Don’t be so foxish!” Meaning: Stop playing to style, and start playing to substance!


“Winners drink first, losers drink most!”

Van Eshu

Yolanda Reinhold

Yoran Ru


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