Common Parlance

A Collection of Words & Expressions from the ven Language as found in Houses of the Blooded by Mr. John Wick, et al. Compiled by Paul G. Blair Shanri Research Institute A.D. MMIX.
It does not include any additional terms from Coronets But Never Crowns, nor Blood & Tears (if there are any). Nor Wilderness, as most of the names in there are either veth or ork.


a: and
achala: divination (lit. “farsight”)
adrente: shepherd; (Wolf family, lit. “My weapon is myself ”)
aeldana de Shanru tala: “the world has no mercy”
aelva danna: sorcerer-kings; wicked ones
aelva danna de nuru: “the wicked ones only sleep”
aelvadyn: ornamentation (lit. “little stars”)
agotha: spider (one of the Olivana, lit. “I wait”)
ajurna: hedonism
alta: “thank you”
althua: party; event, occurrence
altrex: liege lord
altrua: pathos; also: (sticky white substance that covers ven entering the Solace; see also: vaq’in)
alvathen: opera
avala: serpent (one of the Olivana)
avali: (ritual of the ikhalya; lit. “holy murder”)
avanadande: dragon (one of the Olivana)
avirex(a): earl (the “a” is added for a female)


blunda: Bad Form
blush’vennan: mass murder; warfare
burghe: hill, high place, high fortress; (Bear family, lit. “Alone we stand together”)


d’valesh: “a game of knives”
da’fhil: (golem used by the cult of Ahvril; lit. “Child of Pain”)
dacha: duel or dance.; lit “Moving Feet”
dachanau: (ritualized Senatorial debate; lit. “the dance of words”)
dalada: thief, criminal
dalven suena: “what you have is what you deserve”
Davfanna Aldrena: (largest port city in Shanri); the Senate
Dav’ty nonnon: “throwing an insult”
didjerva: accounting book
drende: wolf (one of the Olivana)
dulla: black; veiled, invisible


eshanu: wasp (one of the Olivana)


falin duada: puzzle house
fashuva: fell one
futali: ransom
fyllyn: marquis/marquise


grusha: common horse (lit. “people’s animal”)


hajkalay: the Blooded
hovana: hospitality


ikhalya: (cultists of Ikhalu; lit. “children of Ikhalu”)
ilderim: high-bred horse (one of the Olivana); steed
illdrua: spectre
ilsyrr: poison (lit. “the quiet death”; see also: sysh’venda)
inguena: Cunning
italthala: (a narcotic oil, lit. “the Silken Veil”)
ithuna: faker


jiv: guitar


kachka: cat (one of the Olivana)
khanurdante: great elk (one of the Olivana)
kvir tam: “make the Law”


mwrr: “servant of the undergod”; (Serpent family, lit. “I bear Wisdom’s price”)


na nanva: not now; perhaps later


ohlrex: duke/duchess
ojava: violin, fiddle
Olivana: (sacred totemic animals)
orichalcum: sorcerous steel (lit. “golden iron”)
ork: monster; other, outsider


padana: heartbroken (lit. “hurt beyond healing”)
pala da nata: “don’t break the dishes”
pallentarro: Law (lit. “the appropriate step”)
pendala: harpsichord
poolha: bashful; drug user
puja: quill; (professional contract writer)


q’al: fox (one of the Olivana; see also: yvarai)
Q’naldinir: (central mini-continent of Shanri; lit. “Golden Center under the Sky”, or “Hub of all Revenge”)
q’thala: (heightened perception from italthala use, lit. “Part the veil”)
q’va: the Solace, the Stillness
q’val: priest; monk (see also: v’dallvyr)
q’valrux: (liegeless noble; lit. “bold nobility”)


r’shana: baron/baroness
rajan: paladin, holy warrior, “Keeper of the Law”
rhushva: count/countess
ruk: commoner, unblooded; beneath notice (see also: shluah veth, veth)


sa-Suaven: patron Suaven (lit. “most holy”)
san: the Insulted
sanjien: (martial art “that binds the soul and the Sword.”
sanna sava: “Are you sincere?”
sav: the Insulter
sava: subtle
senva: sorcery (see also: valae tyrun)
senvada: sorcerer/sorceress (see also: worloch)
senvu: swordsman (lit. “I carry the Sword”); (blood ritual binding Swordsman to Sword)
sh’vla: (ven unit of measurement)
Shanri: world (lit. the Great Enemy; see also: Shanru Domya)
Shanru Domya: world (lit. the Merciless Mother; see also: Shanri)
shara: “veiled rose”
shivu: falcon (one of the Olivana)
shluah veth: merchant (lit. “proud dirt”; see also: veth)
shunta van a vera: “wearing the black”
steele: adamant, enduring; (Elk family, lit. “I have never surrendered”)
strunaga: Strength
Suaven: the Sleeping Ones (see also: fashuva, sa-Suaven)
sush: “way of silence” (lit. “moving without a shadow”)
sushana: Style
sutha: narcotic (lit. “death’s little kisses”)
syldana: corset
sylv: to bind
sysh’venda: poison (lit. “the patient kiss”; see also: ilsyrr)


t’vill tama: “no rest for the wicked”
taba: (sacred knives of the ikhalya)
tala: art
talanday: Courage
talashan: “speaker to the soil”
tamtalt: lute
tavala: juggler, bard
tavalana: True Pain
thorne: wild land, place of trees; (Falcon family, lit. “I am the land”)
thuaka: (style of fighting with spear and shield; see also: thuakatan sen)
thuakatan sen: “you aren’t good enough for the Sword” (see also: thuaka)
thuakaven: spearman
toola: hammer dulcimer
tulpa: doppleganger
tuthallen: generosity (lit. “what is mine is ours”)
tylvarae: artifact


urdagha: “convenient faithful”
ushalaven: mountain men
ushanavan: (noble school)
ushavana: pillowbook (lit. “book for the bed”)
uvaltua: Cunning
uvandir: boar (one of the Olivana)
uvanla: murder (lit. “moment of opportunity”; see also: zsanstozs)


v’dallvyr: high priest (see also: q’val)
vala: Insult
valae: blood
valae tiquim: Blood oath
valae tyrun: blood magic (see also: senva)
valana: Injury
vanadanav: ambigram
vaq’in: (sticky white substance that covers ven entering the Solace; lit. “webs of dreaming”; see also: altrua)
vasha: fan
vashna: investigator (agents of the Senate)
v’dallvyr: “high priests”
vazhna: savage
ven: all of us; we
veta: face
veth: peasant; dirt (see also: ruk)
voca: digeridoo
vrentada: (artistic romantic work including operas, novels, plays, etc.)
vrentae: obsession (lit. “holding my heart”); Revenge (vrentǽ); Romance, love (vréntae)


wavenda: Prowess
worloch: oath-breaker (see also: senvada)


yllanavana: (name of the ven language)
ylthalir: the sublime (lit. “That which cannot be said, only touched for a moment”)
ysalta: banneret (see also: yvil)
ytola: (submissive mate; see also: yvestra)
yv: guardian, keeper, “he who has taken.”
yvarai: fox; (Fox family, lit. “Desire is tamed with a kiss”; see also: q’al)
yvasa: Master of the Road
yvaya: (landed roadman; see also: yvil)
yvaytha: Beauty
yvestra: (dominant mate; see also: ytola)
yvil: road warden, roadman, highwayman
yvtavia: (lady’s personal guard; lit. “guard of the garter”)


Zhivali: (deck of cards used for games and fortune-telling)
zsanstozs: murder; the Final Sin (see also: uvanla)

Common Parlance

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