Blooded of Midian

Aestrith Thali

At age 13 a Falcon is expected to prove their Courage in order to prove their worthiness for marriage.

Alexai Tal

Feyla Thayl

It’s not a good Bear party unless someone spills something.

No Eshu

Tarzo’s Domain is the centre-point of trade amongst us, however the main trade route goes through No

Fayla’s castle holds the biggest store of historical amongst us,

Hosting is at Tarzo’s

Tarzo’s castle is on a mountain pass that the main trade route runs through, it is the point where multiple small routes converge to then run through into No.

The Falcon’s are resistant to the corrupting influence of the relic. However Fox are entirely susceptible to its effects.

Cut down in the first act, my wife defended my virtue and then carried me to safety.

Bear Sayings “Not a good party unless something is spilled”

Bear Etiquette

Not to change locations once it has been agreed upon

One must show up with a display of force.

You must welcome your guests warmly.

Interrupting is not rude it is the strength of the argument that wins the strength of the table.

It is poor etiquette to lose one’s anger, even in the height of bluster.

It is an insult of the highest order to deceive at a bear event.

The one who spills it must clean it up.

Bears can receive guests in bed!

Not representing yourself at a bear meeting is an insult.

Bear saying “All Ven are equal”

Bear proverb “Winners drink first, losers drink most”

Svetlana Polaris was waylaid at the mountain pass, having aggroed orks from No’s swamps.

Svetlana has bent the orks to her will, which is illegal as is having orks on ones’ land, which is remedied with the orks destruction.

All are expected to participate in the affairs,
One must fight their own battles,
Ladies need not fight, unless they are Ven,

Falcon Etiquette

13 is the age when you must prove yourself as a falcon; and you cannot marry until you prove yourself.


No’s Secrets

I knew this was coming,
I have orchestrated it,
I am working with the Ork, which is a deception, but some of my people have gone native

Shara was a classmate of Aestrith Thali at University

Shara and Aestrith were lovers
Aestrith broke Shara’s heart
(NOT A TRUTH YET which all was orchestrated by No to cause Shara to come back to him)

Tazo Reinhold

My sprawling mansion has an arena

Ironwood’s Durability comes not from its Strength, but from it’s ability to knit back together.

Tazo Reinhold has Ork corpses and weapons to study.

Sven Ultfeild (one of my Personal Guard) won the Archery and now has an Ironwood Bow

Bear Etiquette

Arrangements for the location of a meeting cannot be changed once they are agreed upon.

One must show up with a show of force.

Interrupting is not rude, it is the strengths of one’s argument that determines its place at the table.

It is an insult of the highest order to deceive at a Bear event.

The One Who Spills It Must Clean It Up

One must represent oneself in a challenge.

Bear Insult

“Don’t be so foxish!” Meaning: Stop playing to style, and start playing to substance!


“Winners drink first, losers drink most!”

Van Eshu

Yolanda Reinhold

Yoran Ru


A_Morningstar sparksman

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