Bear Ettiquette

Apparently, some disputes are casually settled with punching (unwagered).

It is bad form to change the location of a meeting once it has been agreed upon.

One must arrive at a meeting with a show of force.

The host must welcome their guests warmly.

Interruptions at the table are not bad manners, for the strength of the argument is supported by its dominance.

It is poor form to lose one’s anger, even in the height of bluster.

The one who makes a mess must clean it up.

Bears can receive guests in bed!

Not representing yourself at a Bear event is an insult.

It is an insult of the highest order to deceive at a Bear event.

The one who spills it must clean it up.

Bear saying “All Ven are equal

Bear proverb “Winners drink first, losers drink most

Bear Ettiquette

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