Questions and Answers

Q: The book mentions allowing players to change their intent in a fight, wishing to strike another foe after your target has been felled, where the intention cannot be met any more. Isn’t that a contradiction? The only time you have intent in combat is when you are in a duel (at which point it’s you and your foe, nobody else), but the only time you are engaged with multiple foes is during mass murder (in which case your intent can only really be “lead my soldiers through the battle”).
Is this perhaps a mention of a skirmish mechanic you had in mind but revised out of the book?

A: Pretty much, yes. Ignore it.

Q: How fast do ven heal Injury ranks, and how do their vassals do the same? (There was confusion between the main book and the preview download.)

A: Per p. 201 – Rank 1 & 2 heal at one point per day. Rank 3, 4 and 5 heal at 1 per season. Same applies to single vassals. Band vassals heal 1 per season to represent recruiting and training time spent.

Q: Does the dueling maneuver Bash work as Riposte, or does it stop the current beat and result in the ven using Bash to get first action in the next beat?

A: Bash ends the current beat and lets the user take first action next beat.

Q: When making someone your Contact, do they automatically make you their contact in return? (Or vice-versa?)

A: No.

Q: Does it cost Style to tag a Scene Aspect that’s been applied?

A: No, it only costs 2 Style to give the Scene the Aspect in the first place. Narrators may wish to reduce this cost to 1 Style Point, depending on how much they want players adding elements to a Scene. Myself, I use one Style Point because I like players adding details. I made the “official” rule 2 SP because it’s a little more limiting. I’d suggest against increasing the cost to 3.

Q: If you use the Defend maneuver against an attack, can it completely negate the potential Injury?

A: Yes.

Q: In the Advanced Maneuvers section, it says that Parry completely cancels Blind and Called Shot (along with Injure and Riposte). I can’t find the Blind or Called Shot maneuvers.

A: Called Shot was removed from the mechanics, because Intent makes the shot. Blind is supposed to be the ‘Bind’ maneuver.

Q: Do NPCs that have been given a sheet still get the one free bonus action per season?

A: Yes, but only if the action is appropriate to their job/title.

Q: Ashalim Avendi lists “I am the Land” as a Blessing but it is not described.

A: This is supposed to be “I am the Road”.

Q: Talten Steele lists “The Promise” as a Blessing but it is not described.

A: This is supposed to be “The Vow”.

Q: Tyan Bran lists The Most Evident Truth as a Blessing but it is not described.

A: This is supposed to be “Serpent Knows the Fox”.

Q: Can the Greater Suaven only give five Blessings?

A: No, the listed blessings under each Suaven are simply the ones that they are each most likely to give.

Q: The book states rather clearly that I may only have one Romance going at a time, but it does not clarify how many Liaisons one may have. How many of each are permitted?

A: Only one Romance or one Liaison at a time, unless the ven has the Blessing of “Chambers of the Heart”.

Q: How do you upgrade a Castle to the next rank? (One to two, or two to three.)

A: Each rank of Castle costs 3 Lumber, 3 Stone and a Season action.

Q: Do Bloodswords get Artifact values and can they bank Style?

A: Yes, they may bank style and they do get values. See the the developer’s blog for more details.

Q: In Mass Murder it states “If you are targeted for a murder, you may spend two Style Points to use a Maneuver.” Do you still need to spend wagers on the Maneuvers, or just the Style Points? If you need to spend wagers, where do these wagers come from, since each “non-leader” Ven only adds on die. Do you use the wagers the Leader made?

A: Only spend two Style Points on the maneuver. You do not need to spend wagers.

Q: Do mundane swords give bonus dice in combat?

A: No, they may only bank Style.

Q: The Holdings section mentions Way Stations, but there are no stats.

A: Way Stations will be released in the Wilderness supplement.

Q: Is there any particular point during the Season in which the Food is deducted from your resources and put into the Vassal’s pocket?

A: No, this may be done at any point during the year, so long as they receive it sometime between Spring and Winter. You may also use this as a way to reduce needed storage at the end of the year.

Q: There is mention that Roadmen and Personal Guard require Metals as part of their upkeep. Is this so?

A: No, this was phased out during playtesting.

Q: If I assign my Roadmen to do security as their Season Action can I also take them on Adventures or does the security action keep them too busy?

A: Season Actions are assumed to be done during “downtimes,” which means you can take them with you on adventures.

Q: All characters are Spring characters unless the Narrator states otherwise. Assuming my character is a Spring, how do I determine how far into Spring they are?

A: Roll 1d6 at character creation and add another at Winter.

Q: Can Vassals self-train or study on their own to improve themselves.

A: No, they must be trained by their liege, the liege’s spouse or (where applicable), the liege’s children.

Q: If an NPC Vassal has lands of their own, can they split their bonus Cunning actions (if applicable) between their lands and their liege’s?

A: Yes, if their liege saw fit for them to have land.

Q: How many Season Actions does it take to train a Vassal up to the next rank?

A: One season action per season per desired rank. Rank 1 to 2 costs two Seasons, 2 to 3 costs three Seasons, and 3 to NPC costs one additional Season.

Q: A starting character (barring spending bonus points) has 7 explored regions and 3 unexplored regions in his province. Can those 3 unexplored regions count as regions of other ven, or are they simply wild regions?

A: That’s between the player and Narrator; it could go either way.

Q: Do the unblooded go into Solace when they reach the right age?

A: Yes, but it happens very rarely, since the unblooded generally have short and brutal lives. There are also instances of the Blooded claiming unblooded Suaven as their own. “I own you in life, I own you in Solace.” Taking the Suaven away to their own shrines for personal worship.

Q: Do the unblooded revere the Blooded Suaven, or do they have shrines to their own ancestors?

A: They worship whatever is available. Odds are, there are no unblooded Suaven around for them to worship.

Q: Did the Falcons Return 5 or 50 years prior to the “Time of the Game?”

A: Fifty.

Q: Roadmen and Personal Guard seem to be very similar in nature. What are their specific functions, when not accompanying their liege?

A: Personal Guard may not Explore Regions or Quell Trouble for you, they are there to protect the liege and their family. Roadmen can Quell Trouble in Regions and Explore Regions.

Q: When you create an NPC from a rank 3 Band Vassal, (Personal Guards and Swordsman, for instance), does the NPC get promoted into an NPC, then you’ve got to rebuild one rank of the Band Vassal?

A: No, one Vassal from the Band is promoted above the rest of the 10 from his unit. The Season Action spent doing this represents the time to train the replacement, as well as the newly promoted NPC.

Q: How do higher ranked Blooded speak at the Senate, when they must have three people speak for them prior to being given permission to take the floor?

A: Barons, Marquis’ and Counts can usually find someone to speak for them. Dukes are powerful enough that the Earls don’t want to antagonize them unnecessarily, and the Earls have someone from their House speak for them, so they don’t appear to be trying to become High King. (Even if that’s precisely what they’re trying to do.)

Q: What is the procedure for a Suaven to increase their rank?

A: Ten different Domains each need five Shrines. Fifty total Shrines.

Q: How many shrines must be built before you can build a temple?

A: Ten shrines, with at least one of them being in existence for a full year.

Q: Where is the information in the Relics requirement for Suaven?

A: That will be in the Invisible World sourcebook.

Q: Is the Heartbroken Aspect backwards? A rank 1 Romance would prevent a new one from forming until the rank 1 Heartbreak fades, whereas a rank 8 Romance would result in a rank 4 Heartbreak, permitting a new Romance of up to rank 3.

A: The brief fling of a rank 1 Romance requires that the dallying ven take the one season to recover from the rank 1 Heartbreak before they can proceed to something bigger – the bigger Romance has more potential, after all and the object of affection would feel slighted if you were still moping over a summer tryst. The rank 8 Romance and subsequent rank 4 Heartache, means that the ven is trying to self-medicate with a lesser rank 3 or lower Romance.

Q: In the bonus points example on page 104, Shara, having already created some Vassals (including a Rank 1 Staff), spends one of her bonus points on a Seneschal, which is a Master Vassal and thus an NPC. Is this permitted when her Band Vassal is not yet rank 3?

A: No, the example as written breaks the rules. Sorry about that.

Q: Is it impossible for a ven with Beauty as their weakness to bank any Style?

A: No, they may still bank Style in Goods, Art and Artifacts. However, they should be in the same region as the item to use that Style.

Q: If an adventure ends up leading into the effect of a Season Action, would that cost the player a season action?

A: No. Adventures are “free” Season Actions since you’re playing them out.

Q: Can a routine Season Action be turned into an adventure?

A: Absolutely, if that’s what the players want to do.

Q: Courage seems to be more of a reactive Virtue, rather than one that can be instigated, unlike Prowess or Strength. Is there a way for Courage to be more directly applied?

A: Courage can be used to fend off Ork fear, summon up the fortitude to speak with a surly Count/Duke/Earl, inspire your fellow ven, and anything else that seems appropriate.

Q: Can you spend the bonus points from character generation to add points to a castle or region?

A: Yes, but the player misses out on having other cool stuff.

Q: When assembling dice for a contested risk, should the players alternate announcing what sources they’re getting their dice from, or announce each source as they’re collecting the dice?

A: Either one is appropriate, so long as each source is announced.

Q: Can bonus points be spent on Maneuvers?

A: Yes.

Q: Do Vassals cost one Food per Vassal or one Food per rank each year?

A: One food per listed Vassal, in the event you have multiples. (ie: Two bands of Roadmen for two different Provinces.)

Q: What happens if a higher ranked ven, such as a Count, starts losing his lower ranked vassals, (barons)?

A: He is no longer a Count until he rebuilds his lands.

Q: How do you learn another character’s tag or compel from their Aspects?

A: Observe the Aspect in action, spend a Style Point and make a Cunning risk.

Q: I determined that I have children at character generation. How do I determine how old they are, what their Virtues are, etc?

A: For age, that is worked out between you and your Narrator, but since the PCs usually start off as Spring characters, they’re not going to be old enough to yet help manage your characters’ lands. Once they have seen 8 years pass, (equivalent to age 16), then they become a rank 1 NPC, equivalent to a Spouse, and then may be developed as normal.

Q: Can you use the Swordsman Aspect and the Bloodsword free Aspect in the same combat action?

A: No. But you can use one the first action and another for a second action without having to spend Style to refresh either.

Q: What is the official function of the Caravan?

A: Moving resources from province to province without the PC taking their Season action to do it.

Q: Does it cost another season action to move items when using a Port on a Shoreline holding?

A: No, those are considered free actions carried out by random NPC driven boats.

Q: In the character creation and advancement tables on pages 94 and 107 as well as on the character sheet, p. 107 disagrees with pages 94 and the character sheet. Which is correct?

A: Page 94 and the character sheet are correct.

Q: Is there any correlation between the rank of the ork, the Terror the ork causes and the number of traits it has?

A: Orks cause Terror equal to their rank.

Q: Are the rank of the Ork and the number of Traits it has, related in any way?

A: No, the Ork traits are assigned as the Narrator sees fit.

Q: For the ritual “The Curse,” why would a sorcerer want to increase its rank, as there doesn’t seem to be any actual benefit to increasing the ritual’s rank?

A: The Curse places an Aspect on the target, the number of ranks is the number of applicable dice for it being tagged, should the target ever violate the Curse.

Q: Is a Duel considered one Risk for Aspect use or is it a series of Risks?

A: Every roll of the dice is a risk. If you want to use an Aspect twice or three times in a duel, spend the Style to refresh them.

Q: I’m taking on two different Domains. If I take 10 regions from 2 different Provinces, and then build a castle, do the 10 regions become a Domain or do I need to “pacify” both existing Domains?

A: The ten regions you acquire first add to your existing Province, until you achieve 10 lands, and then the remaining regions become their own Province, and that’s all you need to pacify. The remaining lands from the two Domains still belong to their respective owners.

Q: Can wagers be used with the Defend Maneuver to reduce the number of ranks an Injury does beyond a Ven’s ranks in the Maneuver?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the base rank in Injure and Defend 0 or is it 1?

A: Zero.

Q: Regarding spying on regions in the Seasons chapter, the information on page 245 seems to contradict the information on page 270. Which is correct?

A: Page 270 is correct.

Q: Who decides the terms of a duel, in the event that a jury finds a duel is neccessary to compensate for Insult or Injury?

A: Each participant in the duel has a second; the seconds determine the terms, weapons, and ending point of the duel.

Q: In Mass Murder, the number of wagers you can spend is limited by the number taken, as well as the number of people on your side. When Vassals take injury, it reduces their rank. Do they spend dice as their rank or their numbers?

A: Their rank.

Q: Can Band Vassals act in Mass Murder?

A: “Act” is an ambiguous word. If you spend a wager in Mass Murder, you can have your Personal Guard, Secret Army or Roadmen can take an action. Spy Networks cannot take action in Mass Murder.

Q: Can fully-statted NPCs (Master Vassals) act in Mass Murder?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the difference between the Parry and Defend maneuvers?

A: Defend cancels the offensive maneuver, Parry reduces the rank of the Injury you may take.

Q: How many dice do you roll for Trouble in Ruins?

A: None. You don’t roll for Trouble in Ruins.

Q: What happens if someone learns my character’s Secret Name?

A: There are at least two sorcerous rituals and one Blessing that require knowledge of someone’s Secret Name. And the results are unpleasant.


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